im lost



i haven’t written in awhile not that anyone actually cares hhah  no one reads my blogs , which is fine this is kinda like an online diary to me.  Anyway the last thing i posted was my rant , all of the same things happened the next day and my dads ex yelled at me  why i dunno but shes like 30 something i think soon and she still is so immature .. anyway moving on from that , ive been in bed for the past two days , not even a bed just the couch because i dont wanna a clean a room thats supposedly mine but its not . im so lost . i dont want to do anything ,nothing i literally wanna just stay in bed all day watch you tube and Netflix . My leaving cert is less than a month away and ive not opened  book is that even  possible????

i must be lazy thats it ,but the thing is if i wanna do something i do it so does it mean i wanna fail the most important exams of my teenage life ?? well i dont know im just lost i dont know what to do with my future , everyone has something to say and i couldnt care less im so selfish . im nose is leeking and my cough has my throat so raw that my voice is non existent , even time i sneeze its like a flood of snots . anyone have any quick getting healthy advice?

i really wish i knew my calling

There must be something i was put on this earth to do , i need a job and i need money .  People that say money doesnt give you happiness are wrong . it may not bring you actual love and joy but it can sure help …. what will i doooooo


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