A Long Day 


I’m literally just gonna rant . So it’s Easter kinda and my mom took us up to wixklow to stay with my dad for the fucking weekend, I’ve literally never been more critized in one day ughhhhhh

So whatever we get there after a pleasant car ride with my brother as in pleasant enough 

my uterus  felt like it was getting a chinease burn 

But was fine . I got to my dads house and a few minutes in of me being there my dad implied me being a whore because my mom told him I stayed at my boyfriends house . Then later on he asked what was wrong with my face and why I have so many spots , then later on he mentioned my hair and why I’m not talking care of myself . Then his ex girlfriend called me fat coz she was there too . My mom mentioned me going on the pill because I’m such a big whore then my dad said I need to do more excerxise because I’m lazy and messy because I have no excuse coz I don’t do school or have a job . Then my brother said I could have acne and I literally don’t have a few spots . There’s nothing wrong with having acne you can’t help it but I don’t have it …….  I know it’s not a lot but I just can’t take it anymore . My brother is the favourite with my whole family and I don’t care but he’s doesn’t even care about them and I guess I don’t I dunno . I just wanted to rant and I’m kinda upset plus my boyfriend just text me stoned out of his mind and says he wants to do acid fuck . So dangerous and I don’t mind if he does I guess but I would want to be there to take care of him . I dunno  I dunno I’m gonna go bed coz I’m just so tired 


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