My Crazy Tuesday Night


I was pretty nervous all day because of my stupid spanish oral, but i did it and got lucky . i love spanish and i love spain maybe on day i can move there.

Anyway after i did it i was s happy and giddy all day . even at break i was so playful with everyone and daniel told me that me and kevin are too touchy again.This is the second time he told me this must really bother him . ( ill tell yous about kevin another post) When school finished Daniel got the bus with me and decided to walk me to my cousin , well shes my aunty but i call her cousin because shes 17.

I was super hyper all day so i was touching him and teasing him , he was hard . i dropped to my knees and took it out in the middle of the path . there was no one around and he said i wouldnt hahah so ofcourse i did .i putit inmy mouth for like a second to drive him crazy . we were in the middle of a road and on the pathso i couldnt really do it for long before someone seen us so i teased hahah.

After our long kissing goodbye , i finally went to ivonas . she told me that she would love to drink and i was like sure i did my oral so why not celebrate ( again not that type of oral hahah) . fast forward into the night she got so drunk off vodka i was fighting the second bottle off her . she was sooooo drunk omg . she vomited all over my mothers bathroom wall and not just alittle bit, imagen forgeting the colours the walls were. it smelled so bad and guess who had to clean it ? ofcourse me . it was fine  after a while she started uncontrollably crying . i was drinking aswell so i wasnt that good at comforting her.after awhile i started to cry aswell just because of the things she was telling me.I took off her makeup and tied her up tried to make her eat and drink water .the morning after she vomited again and i had to leave so she stayed my house because she was ment to be in school . but yeah was so believable.


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