Update I guess


So I haven’t really written in awhile not that anyone noiticed but it’s 5:42 in the morning , my oral is tomorrow , yeh yeh relax it’s not that type of oral but if it was man I’d pass with flying colours . I have a Spanish oral where I’m supposed to know these role plays and I have 6 of them I kinda know 1 yeah I’m sooo fucked . It’s for the leaving very and it’s worth so much . Not that I care that much like I’m not going to college. 

Literally I can’t concentrate at all didn’t sleep much and I missed school yesterday coz I didn’t want to Go . My excuse was to study but I dont excell in that , what I do excell in though is procrastination oh yeah I’m good at that . I tried on 3 different swim suits and put in hair extensions did my henna anything put study . 

Of course I wanna show abit of booty 

I’m going on a holiday with two of my girlfriends to Spain and literally can’t wait , yeno it’s ironic that I’m getting ready for a trip to Spain but won’t study my Spanish oral 👌🏽👌🏽


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