My first boyfriend 


I got my first boyfriend pretty late , yebo with my stumpy body and awkwardness it wasn’t easy . I grew out of some of my weirdness and got a boyfriend when I was 15 . , we are really good friends now but I could tell you a few stories with him ahahah .

He was the first person I gave head to and first person that fingered me 


We got together in the summer after I finished 4th year in my school . Was one of the best years ever . He asked me out at a house party hosted by my best friend Megan . Luka asked me out because another one of my friends Kevin told him too (I’ll have a few stories about kevin ) we were still young so this was all very exciting for me . We went into Megan’s shed and shared our first kiss hahaha we both put our chewing gum on the table in the shed that was found the next day by Megan’s mother . We shared an extraordinary sloppy first kiss between us .  With all our friends peeking throw the window was amazing 💥 this was only short I’ll write again tomorrow to continue on Luka my first boyfriend 


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