My first boyfriend sleepover 

Okay so my blog has been boring till now so I thought I might aswell jump in with a nice story time of the first time me and my boyfriend had a sleepover . It was actually the 25th of February so the next day was my birthday so it was like a birthday sleepover💥.I was turning 18.💎so I decided why not sleep over I’m old enough hahah 😪 well It didn’t really happen like that we stayed in his house till like 3 o’clock in the morning and we were both so tired and didn’t want to walk back to my house so I lied to my mom and just stayed in his house . It was really good and we had fun .

 We didn’t have sex we watched Netflix

He fingered me and I gave him head earlier so we were really tired . He had Netflix on and told me try sleep. I was laying on his chest and just thinking I never thought it could be so hard to sleep . I’d try to stay so still sometimes because I didn’t want to move to much and annoy him ahahh I’d fall to sleep and wake myself twitching he kept laughing at me because every few minuets I would twitch hahaha it was so annoying so I changed positions at like 5-6 o’clock and he spooned me finally slept . 

I woke up to be in a bath of my own blood.

Of course I’m exaggerating but I did wake up with blood all over the bed and myself , I had gotten my period all over his bed was mortified . I had borrowed his twin sisters pjamamas and ruined them 😭😭. I wanted to start crying because of my good fortune . I told and he took it fine he didn’t mind he makes jokes about it still 😂 . I had to wash his sheets and take his sisters pjamamas home with me to wash . Was not a great first sleepover . This was all on my birthday aswell 🌸 Turing 18 was bloody 😭 Anyway when I got home the next day my mom was furious and gave me the silent treatment , she bought me a small chocolate cake lit the candles and called my brother down . She took one picture then left me to eat my cake with my brother . He soon left and I was alone 😂😂 was so sad but at least I was finally an adult and I could drink myself into a deep sleep if I wanted to hahah 

It’s funny now , but wasn’t great then ahah I trust Daniel and  he didn’t care but I panicked and wasn’t a great first sleepover but was definatley memorable  . I went out later that night for dinner with my friends to eddie rockets was really nice . 


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