The 10 I’ms 

  1. I’m 18
  2. I’m a vegetarian
  3. I’m in a relationship
  4. I’m caring 
  5. I’m selfish
  6. I’m overly into drinking 
  7. I’m in love with love and definatley sex 
  8. I’m a piseas 
  9. I’m an artist
  10. I’m strong 

Currently making my way to Dublin from Galway . In the bus for 3 hours my ass is so numb and I’m here so These are the 10 I’ms , instead of introducing myself formally as it’s not really my style and I’m not an amazing writer , just another shitty writer with a blog . I just decided to give you 10 i’ms . One of my best friends actually gave me the idea to write so I’m giving it a go .  I guess I’ll write again later on or tomorrow 😂   Sorry for the quality of my piece 👌🏼


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