Bitta Background 

I live in Ireland , where in Ireland you ask (no one cares) I don’t know I’m back and forth between Dublin , Wicklow, and even Laois. It’s not ideal and it’s definatley not sustainable but not much I can do . I’m not complaining I’ve quiet abit of freedom

I like to move around it keeps life interesting but it is very lonely sometimes. 

I’m on my mothers couch in Dublin at this very moment . Only on the couch , because my room (if I can still call it that) is full of boxes as mummy dearest decided to do some rearranging . As in she is removing all of my belongings trying to rid me. I am too lazy to clear the bed for myself .

It’s okay tho because the couch is my favourite place to be anyway hahah.

My content is so boring right now omg , it will get juicer I promise .

I have 3 brother , but two are baby’s and my half brothers and the other one is 16 and such a good person . I love my brothers and m very protective of them 

I have in Dublin  a cat and a dog , jenga and Cherry .They are adorable 

Emm what else can I say about my background oh I’m Romanian with a bit of Hungarian in me , but born and raised Irish . Thats it for tonight another exciting  entry . Goodnight 💕✨


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